Heather giving Norm a pedicure

The Real World Homecoming Episode 4: Let’s Leave Room for the Miracles

After the Becky blow-up, what next? There’s still some processing to do. Eric declares that Becky responded the way she did because of “suppressed emotions,” which is what he seems to blame for any rocky encounter with adulthood. At what point does it stop being suppressed emotions and Gen X just gets to be grumpy old people who are angry because why the fuck not?

It is revealed that Julie has texted with Becky and that they’re supposed to get together to talk later. The unmasking of this texting takes on a high school tinge when others reveal that they have also texted Becky and she has not replied. Norman for one is pissed! But beautiful, glorious Heather B. floats above it all, smudging the space and espousing a live-and-let-live attitude. She tells us, “Let’s make room for the miracles” and I nominate this to replace “Live, Laugh, Love” on all coffee mugs, STAT. Maybe package it with Heather B.-branded Moleskin notebooks with “What I Know” and “What I Learned” sections.

The crew embarks on some home spa treatments, a Covid go-to, to try to open up their pores to let the Becky out. And Heather B., like the Pope of Broadway and Prince, washes and lotions Norm’s feet because his tootsies and his heart need some extra love.

The episode quickly turns into A Very Special Episode when it is revealed that our pal Norm has fallen onto hard times. Apparently, all his income streams dried up when Covid hit, he couldn’t pay his rent on his apartment in California, and he had to take shelter in Michigan with his family and work at their bakery. On top of that, all his belongings are in California because he can’t afford to ship them to Michigan. It felt like Norm had the weight of the world on his shoulders when he walked into the loft and now we know why: It isn’t just because Becky wouldn’t let him use her bathtub. But the crew isn’t going to let Norm sink. They brainstorm ways for him to make money and decide that he will paint chocolate rabbits and sell them for $1,000 each. They clearly made a Squarespace site on the spot to capture it all, but forgot to give it an actual name. I mean, look at Norm’s URL. It takes the whole team to keep Norm focused and on task. I’m proud of these kids!

They all miss Eric and so they tromp out to his hotel where he’s quarantined, and he greets them on the street below from his balcony. We get a “Yo, yo, yo, what’s up New York, this is Eric from The Grind!” and it brings a smile. Despite his adult seriousness and his journey from kid-who-got-robbed-by-his-business-manager to Spiritual Guru, it’s hard not to flutter when Eric’s fun inner child pops out here and there.

Speaking of here and there, we get a sense that there will be a return of some sort from Becky, who may have realized how awkward it is that her latest single and record, timed for release with the show, is called “Here” and it’s too late to rename it “There.”

Until next time, gotta be real.

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