The TueNight Gift Guide Part Two

It’s Part Two!

We had so much gifting goodness that we couldn’t pack it into one week. So without further ado, here’s week two!

Drive safely, stay warm, don’t eat too many Hershey’s Kisses from your sister-in-law’s candy dish (oh, sorry, that was for me) and much peace and joy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


This Week:

Pavia on Travel.

Adrianna on Gifts for Kids.

Piers on Gifts for Men.

Margit on Tech.

CraftFoxes on Handmade Gifts.

Susan on Organic Beauty and Gifts for Writers.

11 Gifts for that Office Secret Santa.

Tamar on gifts for carb lovers.

Last Week:

Maura on Music.

Bethanne on Books.

Kim F. on Style.

Kim O. on Foods You Can Make.

Rachel on Sexy Gifts. (NSFW!)

Teresa on Dog Gifts.

Susan on Gifts for Your Sober Pals.

Amy on Healthy Goodies.

Suzanne on Gifts That Give Back.

Jenna looks back at her Gifts of Christmas Past, to her husband — the good, the bad and the unopened.

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