a bottle of French's yellow mustard and a slice of watermelon
Taking “put the lime in the coconut” to the next level

TikTok Food Challenges: Bussin’ or Disgustin’?

One of the many things I love about TikTok is watching folks participate in incredibly weird food trends and challenges. I was scrolling through TikTok right before bed one night (as you do) and spent the next hour (or five) obsessing over quirky food combos; I just HAD to try them.

The Watermelon Mustard Challenge 

I totally blame Lizzo for my newest food obsession. Yep, to me watermelon and French’s yellow mustard scream Summer, but the two of them together? Why not? If you’re totally into the whole sweet, sour, and salty thing (like me), this combo is worth a minute. If not, move right along.


Watermelon and Tajin Margarita

Another food obsession of mine is Tajin – a seasoning consisting of chili, lime, and salt – which also tastes great on watermelon, btw (that whole sweet, sour, and salty thing again) or try it on sliced mango (life-changing!). Seriously, Tajin should be its own food group; I sprinkle that shit on everything! One of my favorite TikTokers, Auntie Amanda, introduced me to what is now my new fave summertime drink:


Bell Pepper Sandwiches

For a low-carb summer sandwich, try layering your favorite cold meats and cheese in between slices of bell peppers (red, orange, or yellow) as bread. Or fill the pepper halves with chicken, tuna, or egg salad, sprinkle with a little Tajin (or a ton, I won’t judge) and top with a couple of squishes of Sriracha sauce – DELISH!


Having a low carb sandwich for lunch with Bell Peppers as my bread #TikTokRecipe #ramsayreacts #lowcarb #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound – My Nguyen

Speaking of Sriracha sauce, there are probably a gazillion spicy food challenges going viral on Tiktok as we speak, involving all sorts of hot peppers that are borderline nuclear, stuffed with Takis. I’ve been brave enough to try exactly one.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Wrapped in String Cheese

(and then dipped in sour cream, WHUT?!?)

Most recently, I came across a couple of interesting recipes on my FYP that I’m just jonesing to try: Pasta Chips, Tortilla Fold Hack and Ramen Lasagna.

I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, the moral of the story is: Don’t hit TikTok hungry.

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