TueNight 10: Abby West

Abby West has always loved telling stories, typically chronicling other people’s stories as a beat newspaper reporter, or later as a magazine and digital editor at People, Entertainment Weekly, Essence, and Yahoo or currently in her role as an editor for Audible. However, Abby has started to embrace telling her own story and finding she has a lot to say — we were thrilled to have her as a reader at TueNight Live: RISE. In 2014, After Abby donated her bone marrow in 2014, she joined the board of directors for Be The Match (a.k.a the National Marrow Donor Program). Abby recently moved to New Jersey with her kids, something she says her New Yorker brain can’t quite process.

1. On the nightstand: An early copy of Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi (It has the most beautiful cover and is a phenomenal story), a vanilla-scented candle, and usually a cup of something that should have gone back out to the kitchen yesterday.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Watching General Hospital. I’ve been watching this soap (on and off) since my babysitter had it on when I was a kid. I even caught Luke and Laura’s wedding.

3. Jam of the minute: The entire soundtrack for Black Panther, which is curated by Kendrick Lamar, my current favorite rapper.

4. Thing I miss: Being part of a solid and happy couple. (Whoa. Surprised myself with that one.)

5. ‘80s crush: Early ’80s: Michael Jackson/Late ’80s: Johnny Depp

6. Current crush: Idris Elba. All day. Erryday.

7. Will whine about: How much it sucks that one month into my new plant-based diet and exercise regimen I feel so great but it will take many more months to look the way I feel. (I’m just impatient. It’s really all good.)

8. Will wine about: Malbec

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: My trainer publicly expressed his belief I’ll hit my fitness goals. This can also be seen as him publicly holding me to them but I choose to see it the other way.

10. Looking forward to: The day both my kids are pretty much self sufficient, joyful, and centered.

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