TueNight 10: Alexandra Rosas

Age: 58 years old

Quick Bio: Alexandra is a storyteller with The Moth and is a regular contributor to Grown and Flown.

Beyond the bio: “Now that I’m older, I’ve learned the value of seeing what it is that you bring to anything. You don’t have “all the time in the world” anymore, so now is the time to earnestly love, respect, and take pride in your talent, your gift, your essence, presence and contribution on this Earth.”

1. On the nightstand: A book. Every day since I was five years old. Right now, it’s The Lonely Bodybuilder by Yukiko Motoya (what a treat).

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Lying to myself about the amount of chocolate I eat.

3. Jam of the minute: MILCK’s “Quiet

4. Thing I miss: My little babies and the days when I could carry all three at once.

5. 80s crush:  Though he’s not a nice person at all in real life (I waited on him once), Adam Ant.

6. Current crush:  Everybody’s. In other words, Jeff Goldblum.

7. Will whine about:  No one else sees the garbage can overflowing in this house, really? No one?

8. Will wine about:  I would if it didn’t give me migraines, because believe me, I have tasted some delicious wine.

9. Best thing that happened recently:  For the past two weeks, I have had NO BODY PART ACHE!

10. Looking forward to: The same thing I do every night, getting into bed, turning on the lamp, and opening my current read.

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  1. alexandra

    What a thrill to be featured, and what fortune to have found you, TueNight. All the women I know who are part of TueNight are whipsmart, kind, and possess bottomless hearts. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


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