TueNight 10: Amy Choi

Amy S. Choi was 22 years old and working as a reporter in New York when an editor and colleague pointed out to her that there was an Amy Choi in Australia who was a porn star (good for her!) with a website (great!) but who had her same name (not good). Hence, Amy Choi became Amy S. Choi and Amy S. Choi studiously never asked what her editor was doing googling porn stars in Australia. Now, Amy is the editorial director and co-founder of The Mash-Up Americans, a websitepodcast, and creative studio that explores race, culture, and identity in America. “We’re trying to get at a specific truth: What makes us who we are? The challenge is, who we are is always a moving target.” Truer words. Here is Amy’s TueNight 10. 

1. On the nightstand: A month’s worth of earmarked New Yorkers. All About Love by bell hooks. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. My Baron Fig journal. But no pen. I don’t actually like to write in bed. My nightstand is, uh, aspirational.

2. Can’t stop won’t stop: Jeggings. I used to be all, people should wear REAL PANTS. I was wrong.

3. Jam of the minute: Cardi B + Ozuna. Cardi B + Bruno Mars. Cardi B doing anything. She is the real deal.

4. Thing i miss: Sleep. Before I had kids, whenever I felt sleepy, I would sleep. I literally can’t imagine that life anymore.

5. 80s crush: Keanu Reeves. He was perfection.

6. Current crush: Keanu Reeves. He is perfection. You wanna guess who my crush was in the 90s? I saw Speed eight times in the theater. EIGHT TIMES. What about the 00s? I dragged all my boyfriends to the Matrix movies. The boyfriends changed. Keanu did not.

7. Will whine about: The Tonya Harding redemption tour. High profile redemption tours in general, actually. I am already so annoyed at whatever gross dude will make the first comeback campaign after being exposed by #metoo. Who. Cares.

8. Will wine about: A Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc never fails to delight. Also, I really like to say “Super Tuscan.” I like to drink a Super Tuscan, but I really, really like to say it. Super Tuscan!

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: Serafina, my very skeptical, makes-you-earn-it two-year-old daughter, unprompted, said “I love you, Mommy.”

10. Looking forward to: My daughter ruling the world. I’m doing my best to ensure she is a benevolent ruler, but not making any promises.

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