TueNight 10: Amy Hundley

Age: 46

Quick Bio: Amy is an editor and rights director at Grove Atlantic, which is to say she buys and sells books. She’s extremely proud to have edited The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom, out in August. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, their ornery cat, and the most adorable one-year-old to ever exist.

Beyond the bio: “The biggest change in my life lately is becoming a parent, and I don’t know how you all did it except maybe it was easier at a younger age? Seriously, I have a bad hip all of a sudden. Before I became a mom, I felt like my 40s were all about knowing who I was and who I wasn’t and wouldn’t ever be, being strategic, and making what was important to me come closer to true. Now? It’s all about letting things go and enjoying the moment, seeing life through the eyes of someone who is so present and joyful and trying to learn from that (hopefully without letting too much of my job stuff slip through the cracks!).”

1. On the nightstand: I’m partway through A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin and An American Marriage by Tayari Jones—both excellent in different ways. My next book for my book club is Sigrid Nunez’s The Friend, and the next thing I want to read for pleasure after that is The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter by Kia Corthron, but to be totally honest I’m not getting a lot of pleasure reading done and that’s like four inches thick, and the thing I probably need to finish so I can implement it is The Bullet Method by Ryder Carroll.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Listening to my same iPod from 7+ years ago since my old computer died. Hey, it really holds up!

3. Jam of the minute: “Black Man” by Stevie Wonder, “In the A” by Big Boi

4. Thing I miss: Phone calls

5. 80s crush: MC Lyte

6. Current crush: Brittney Griner and Megan Rapinoe. Title IX has borne a golden age of “pants feelings” (my brilliant friend Fran’s phrase).

7. Will whine about: The state of the world, the state of my apartment

8. Will wine about: A sleeping baby and a nice sunset? The fact that my local wine store, Gnarly Vines, is so sweet that they sent me a bottle with a note when I was going through some stuff means I gotta support, so I don’t always wait for a reason.

9. Best thing that happened recently: The baby! And making it to a year having somehow kept him alive, fed, clothed, clean, and apparently happy.

10. Looking forward to: A nap.

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