TueNight 10: Amy Sohn

Amy Sohn kicked off her writing career in the mid 90s with an autobiographical column in the New York Press called “Female Trouble,” where she chronicled frustrating dates with comedians, drummers, actors, and playwrights, some of whom wrote in to the newspaper to rebut her accounts, even using the monikers she gave them in the column. She got a lot of hate mail. She closed out the decade in 1999 with her first novel, Run, Catch, Kiss, which launched with a reading at the B&N on Astor Place and party at Joe’s Pub, which had recently opened. Those were the days! She still had her finger on the pulse a decade later, with her controversial novel, Prospect Park West, which skewered the Brooklyn neighborhood for all of its precious eccentricities. She even got the Park Slope Food Coop (where she is still a member) to sell copies of the book.

“I’m currently working on a narrative nonfiction project for FSG about feminists in the 19th century, a group of women who lived when you couldn’t send information about contraception through the mail, and you could be imprisoned for writing a book about better sex. I am deeply inspired by these women and wish I could meet them. Many had messy love lives and one was a virgin. They were fearless and put their lives on the line to help women.” Here is Amy’s TueNight 10:

1. On the nightstandMrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta — I missed this one and have read almost all of his books; Avid Reader by Robert Gottlieb — the legendary editor worked with everybody, including one of my favorite writers, Bruce Jay Friedman. Super gossipy; My Marriage by Jakob Wassermann (translated by Michael Hofmann) — about a man who marries someone completely bonkers and struggles mightily to divorce her.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Playing squash. My new addiction. Better than pool, my old addiction. There are a few jerks (mostly guys) but some nice people too. I try to play the nice people. I’m trying to move from beginner to intermediate. I’ve been a beginner too long.

3. Jam of the minute: “Havana.”

4. Thing I miss: Subway tokens

5. 80s crush: In keeping with this week’s theme, I’m modifying to 90s. Ethan Hawke.

6. Current crush: There is an actor on HBO’s Succession who blows me away. He was also in The Big Short. Jeremy Strong. He can do anything in the world.

7. Will whine about: The trains. I am really about to break up with the G. I’m so disappointed in the summer disruptions. And don’t get me started on the F.

8. Will wine about:  The Cannibal Liquor House sangria, made with white wine and rose and very cold.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday:  My daughter told me about her day at camp when I asked.

10. Looking forward to: Taking over the House in the fall! More women politicians at every level!

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