Photo courtesy of Angela Howze Pitts

TueNight 10: Angela Howze Pitts

Photo courtesy of Angela Howze Pitts

Age: 49

Quick bio: Angela lives in the Fredericksburg, VA, area where she is an armchair social media activist/philosopher on Facebook. She makes a living as an IT Consultant in DC and spends (too) much of her time on the sidelines of basketball courts and soccer fields with her sports-obsessed sons and husband.

Beyond the Bio: “The most memorable years of my career and public life were in my 20s and early 30s working as an English teacher/instructor in a high school and community college, and then as a public librarian. Those experiences sparked an enduring passion in me for public education. It took me a while to reconcile in my mind that my calling would be separate and distinct from my career once I settled into being an IT consultant, but I appreciate the way in which my career doesn’t require an emotional investment and leaves me energy to invest in my family and the causes I really care about. Also, it pays well.”

1. On the nightstand: A stack of The AtlanticEssence and People En Espanol magazines. I try to read an article before I go to sleep (to reduce blue screen exposure). I fail early and often on all accounts.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Voting. Stuntin’ on those Trumpsters on my timeline. Talking about injustice. 

3. Jam of the minute: My daily soundtrack is dominated by Gregory Porter and Lizzo. I’ll drop anything to talk about Black Mirror or Greenleaf.

4. Thing I miss: Talking to my father who passed away over 25 years ago. He is still my muse whenever I’m arguing with someone about politics or encouraging a child, including my own, to do well in school. 

5. 80s crush: Michael Jordan, Prince, and Oprah

6. Current crush: Idris Elba, Lenny Kravitz, Roxane Gay’s Twitter persona and Oprah… still.

7. Will whine about: Willful ignorance. 

8. Will wine about: Nothing right now (sigh)… I’m not drinking… on a diet… people around me are catching hell… Ask me in a few months.

9. Best thing that happened recently: Seeing the August Wilson play Jitney with my 17- year-old son, watching the Pixar movie Coco with my 13 year-old-son and experiencing the Toyin Ojin Odutula’s gallery exhibit When Legends Die with the whole family.  It’s the little things.

10. Looking forward to: Growing older and wiser in the next half of my century. Oh, yeah—and finally losing my baby weight (it’s only been 14 years).

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