TueNight 10: Benish Shah

Age: 37

Quick bio: Benish has worked in almost every industry from law to baby food to tech, and kind of loves it. She’s currently the Chief Growth Officer for Loop and Tie. She is the author of the children’s book The Splendiferous Spillerella and has a new book for adults in the works.

Beyond the Bio: “If 25 year old me saw my life right now, she would be both sad, confused, and incredibly proud. I’ve survived PTSD — some Lifetime-movie level life things — switched careers and industries, and live in an apartment with a view I could have only dreamed of.  My life has been nothing that I imagined it would be, good and bad. My only true unanswered question in life is: why did Mindy Kaling get famous before me? Because now everyone says I talk like her…but have they ever considered, she talks like me?”

1. On the nightstand: A book of poems by Nikita Gill, lavender balm by Eu Genia, and yes an obsidian stone that sits on my book of Muslim prayers.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Watching Disney shows. Or watching Supernatural on repeat. It’s just never happening.

3. Jam of the minuteSeñorita.

4. Thing I miss: My hair, pre-law school making it fall out.

5. 80s crush: This may be a 90s crush, but I was pretty in love with Leonardo DiCaprio (as were all teenage girls).

6. Current crush: Chris Evans as Captain America. But mostly Captain America with a beard.

7. Will whine about: San Francisco and anything that is not New York

8. Will wine about: Oh…not a thing.

9. Best thing that happened recently: My sister came back for 6 weeks from living abroad, before she left again.

10. Looking forward to: Interviewing Pakistani immigrant moms for my next book and learning all the stories no one asks them about.

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