Photo of Dr. Pring at a conference

TueNight 10: Brenda Anders Pring

(At an American Association of Pediatrics conference, encouraging adults to vote in the best interests of children. Because kids can’t vote.)

Age: 49.

Basic bio: Brenda is a primary care pediatrician in Boston, where she provides direct care to kids and their families, teaches pediatrics to medical students, and advocates for better child health policy at the local and national level. She wants you to get a flu shot.

Beyond the bio: Medicine is my second career (the first was in the Clinton White House Ed.). I started med school when I was 34 and finished my residency when I was 42. During that time I also had two kids. I love my hectic life — and the fact that I no longer have to explain to other people why I might not be available to help them with something. 

What makes you a grown-ass lady? I have no qualms about paying for services that make my day-to-day life simpler, including having someone prepare meals for my family. 

1. On the nightstand: Lip balm, glass of water, headphones, cellphone, tissues, bottle of melatonin, unread medical journals.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Speaking up at work when I think something needs to change or isn’t done well.

3. Jam of the minute: Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.”

4. Thing I miss: Simpler Saturdays with things like brunch with friends.

5. ’80s crush: Rob Lowe. 

6. Current crush: Probably Jimmy Fallon.

7. Latest fave find: My first pair of Dansko work clogs lasted for 10 years. Now that it’s time to get new ones, I’m so glad they still make that style, but I’m also eyeing all the new colors and patterns.

8. Last thing you lost: My heart rate monitor.

9. Best thing that happened recently: Since I can’t go to spin classes during a pandemic, my mother (!) bought me a Peloton. I’m embarrassed at how much I love it. 

10. Looking forward to: More unscheduled time at home with my family. Finding new things to cook and bake. Settling into this place we moved into three years ago. And an administration that appreciates science and the role government has in improving the well-being of all its citizens.

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