TueNight 10: Candice Cook Simmons

Age: 40

Quick Bio: Candice is the Managing Partner of The Cook Law Group PLLC. She provides legal, business and strategic counsel to clients in the business, technology, and entertainment industries. 

Beyond the bio: We asked Candice how has life changed for her as she’s gotten older. “I have a defined perspective. I have lived in six states. I have worked as an attorney for almost sixteen years. I am a wife and a mother and a daughter to aging parents who live in a different state and all of those things create layers to life. I have enough experience and perspective to value every aspect of my blessings—even the annoying things like the temporary discomfort of a sick child or a few sleepless nights. I am incredibly grateful for the life that I have and I’ve learned to not allow the insecurities of others to infiltrate that joy.”

1. On my nightstand: a Bible (that I have read from cover to cover—it was a resolution a few years back and I am so glad that I did—nothing shuts people down from attempting to use the word to support hateful ideology than having read it all yourself), Skinceuticals discoloration serum (praise goodness for that), a treatment for a scripted series my firm is working on for a client, and Tova Klein’s book How Toddler’s Thrive

2. Can’t stop /won’t stop: Leaning into me (we spend so much time fighting our true selves and now I am all in on embracing me—growing, learning, evolving, yes, but I am leaning fully into me). God has given me this chance for this life and I am riding this journey with a vengeance until the wheels fall off.

3. Jam of the Minute: When it comes to music this week, I am on an 80s/90s playlist.  This morning I was listening to George Michael’s, “Faith“…and then I played a few hours of Outkast and Goodie Mob.  It reminds me of home (Atlanta).

4. The thing I miss: I miss President Obama…very much.

5. 80s crush: I had a few. Hakeem from the group The Boys, Taimak who played Leroy Green in The Last Dragon, and Kirk Cameron.

6. Current Crush: In the real world, my husband.  In my head, some combination of Justin Trudeau, Idris Elba, and of course, Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa (basically, Lisa Bonet continues to be #goals).

7. Will whine about: Traffic, Delays at the airport, The stolen Supreme Court seat (#Merrick Garland), and the hypocrisy that has been revealed by those who have supported this current administration.

8. Will wine about: Pay inequity, lack of access to capital to women founders of color, voter suppression, and being trapped underground on a delayed or stalled train (I live in New York and being trapped underground is by far one of the most annoying things about public transportation).   

9. Best thing that happened recently: The end of the government shutdown has been pretty significant for me. Watching the pain of fellow Americans experiencing their futures being toyed with like pieces on a chess board with zero regard for the emotional toll this was taking on them was beyond heartbreaking.  We have to be better than this. The dignity of human beings is not a bargaining chip.

10. Looking forward to: I am looking forward to 2020.  I can’t wait for this administration to be in the rearview mirror. Hello, Kindness, Decency, Respect. I’ve missed you.

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  1. Valerie

    Love your outlook on life!


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