Benish Shah and Carla Zanoni at TueNight Live
Benish Shah and Carla Zanoni at TueNight Live

TueNight 10: Carla Zanoni

Benish Shah (left) and Carla Zanoni at TueNight’s Day of Action

Age: 45 

Quick bio: Carla is a digital strategist, writer and journalist in NYC. She is working on a memoir about the recovery of self worth, based on her 21-year journey from drug addiction to career and life success.

Beyond the Bio: “When I turned 40 I had a beautiful moment as I walked down the street: I liked myself. I realized I had managed to not only survive, but thrive. Now I feel a confidence, steadiness, and self love I hadn’t experienced before. This feels like the combined gifts of self inquiry, the power of age and experience.”

1. On the nightstand: The Buly 1803 rose oil I put on my face and elbows before bed, a new 5 year journal where I keep a gratitude list, about 20 different pens, an azurite malachite stone I bought in Paris, and a tiny ceramic jar I reach for each night after I realize I once again forgot to take out my earrings before going to sleep. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Listening to Russell Brand’s podcast “Under The Skin.” He is one of the best surprises of my 2019. 

3. Jam of the minute: “Malamente,” by Rosalía

4. Thing I miss: Party-lines and prank calls

5. 80s crush: River Phoenix

6. Current crush: My dog and cat, Gertrude and Earnestine (insert Instagram handle?

7. Will whine about: I don’t really whine, but I do like to make plans and then complain about having plans.

8. Will wine about: No drinking for me, so I’ll shout out my other favorite podcast, “On Being.” I want to be Krista Tippett when I grow up. 

9. Best thing that happened recently: I saw Madonna perform at BAM. Last time I saw her was 1990 when I was 16 during her Blonde Ambition tour.

10. Looking forward to: My fantasy secluded writing cottage in Upstate New York where I only wear caftans while baking pies as my husband Ben tinkers out in the shed.

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