TueNight 10: Carolyn Edgar

As one of our TueNight regulars, Carolyn Edgar has regaled us with tales of her Prince adoration, her happiness quotient, and the challenges of turning 50. In her everyday life, Carolyn is a lawyer and writer who lives in New York City as well as a candidate for the MFA in Creative Writing at City College of New York. She tells us she’s prepping for the fall semester by reading lots of great novels and thinking about all the writing she didn’t do this summer. #NoShame Carolyn! Neither did we.

1. On the nightstand: One of my two cats, who has knocked down everything else that belongs on the nightstand to make room for herself. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Reading. I should be writing, but I’ve been bitten by the reading bug instead. My favorite read of the summer, so far, is Victor LaValle’s The Changeling — beautifully written and creepy!

3. Jam of the minute: “The Story of OJ” — Jay-Z

4. Thing I miss: Alone Time

5. 80’s crush: Prince (see also, 90s crush, 00s crush, 2010s crush…still so sad he’s gone)

6. Current crush: Idris Elba, always and forever. Mahershala Ali and Kofi Siriboe also make me swoon.

7. Will whine about: Politics

8. Will wine about: Champagne first, Sauvignon Blanc second.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday:  Took a hot vinyasa class and didn’t die.

10. Looking forward to: Traveling to Indianapolis to see my friend Tami Winfrey Harris next weekend: (hopefully!) traveling to Accra, Ghana late September.

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