TueNight 10: Crystal Durant

She’s an artist, an educator, a model, a DJ, a singer, a writer and for many a muse — Crystal is undoubtedly a modern renaissance woman.  These days she writes for The Z Review, sings in a monthly tribute show with F*BOMB at Arlene’s Grocery, and has her own Prince Purple Rain tribute band. In her own words, she’s a “magnet for all kinds of crazy, always smells like fresh flowers, and is waiting for the right guy to show up, man up, and make a semi-honest woman outta me”. Crystal slayed us with her story about her father at last week’s TueNight Live: Trust. 

1. On the nightstand: I hope you’re not expecting a book to be there, because I don’t read in bed. The last thing I do before I go to sleep is watch TV, so there’s a remote control on my nightstand.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Cutting the neck out and the sleeves off of my t-shirts because they’re too constricting.  I think this is why people always ask if I’m a Rock Star, because I’m okay with looking unkempt in a “cool” way.  Also, cursing like a sailor.  Fuck is one of my favorite words.  And I always say “cock” not “dick.” There’s a difference.

3. Jam of the minute: I listened to The Jackson 5’s “Can You Feel It” 30 times in a row this morning, from the second I locked my apartment door until I got to work.  It’s a great song to listen to when you have a subway commute, and the video is priceless. YouTube it RIGHT NOW!

4. Thing I miss: Classic Hip Hop/Rap and R&B. Hip Hop/Rap of today SUCKS, and R&B died years ago.

5. 80’s crush: if I only have one choice… Prince.  I had it hot for him since the late ’70s, I met him in 1986, and again in the ’90s – he was a peach.

6. Current crush: A hot dude with long blonde hair I saw for a fleeting second on the F train last week.

7. Will whine about: Why I attract men who are mental patients and the sexual harassment I endure from assholes on the street.

8. Will wine about: Good things, dinner parties, and when I get laundry done.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: Talking with my sister, like I do every day!

10. Looking forward to: Singing in a Tom Petty tribute on November 6th at Brooklyn Bowl!

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