TueNight 10: Daphne Youree

Age: 50, turning 51 August 23rd

Quick Bio: Daphne Youree is a Brooklyn photographer and former apprentice to Arthur Elgort. She is currently working on her photo project Fem_Forward, focused on women’s fitness and empowerment, born out of political frustration. She is also thinking about starting a podcast focusing on women and their daily hero moments.You may have heard of Daphne’s recent #shero moment, literally bailing out commuters on the LIE!

Beyond the bio: “Fitness and health are a huge part of my life now and help keep me feeling strong and vibrant. Every year older feels more empowered and confident. Having toddlers in my 40s helped me make sure I took care of myself so I could keep up with them. I finally realized in my older age that I should always dress nicely since it could be a viral video day!”

1. On the nightstand: My glasses, iPhone, hair band and dental floss

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Netflix binge watching

3. Jam of the minute: Lizzo – anything by her

4. Thing I miss:  Rapping in my Czech band, Prague 1990

5. 80s crush: Andrew McCarthy

6. Current crush: Multiple, even though I’m married

7. Will whine about: Stinky attitudes

8. Will wine about: I won’t wine because real life is altered enough unadulterated.

9. Best thing that happened recently: Reaching #Shero status from doing something to make my commute simpler.

10. Looking forward to: Saving Gotham one cone at a time.

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