TueNight 10: Diane Kane

Diana Kane opened her eponymously named boutique on 5th Avenue in Park Slope in 2002, and women from the neighborhood and beyond have been flocking to it ever since. She supports sustainably sourced fashion, along with small designer collections, handmade in this country. She champions artistry and local production over more established, outsourced, brands. About a year and a half ago she created a “Feminist” t-shirt and it went viral. The t shirt was optioned (in silver) by Samantha Bee (someone gave her one and she loves it) and a percentage of those sales have been going to Distributing Dignity, a non profit who gives products women need (bras, feminine hygiene products, etc) to the women who need them.

1. On the nightstand: My nightstand looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa because buying books is my guilty pleasure and my addiction. I’m currently reading “Hunger,” by Roxane Gay whom I adore (she’s on my fantasy BFF list) and “The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why,” by Amanda Ripley. That one is grim reading, but it’s fascinating psychologically. It’s speaking to my overall uneasiness, but making me feel proactive at the same time.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Facebook

3. Jam of the minute:  A bubblegum mix the girls in the store made. It’s on Spotify and titled with a crown emoji. It features a lot of Whitney Houston. Need I say more?
Oh and I’m excited for the new Jason Isbell. The guy is a gifted songwriter. His song “Cover Me Up” is one of the hottest, most sexy, I’ve ever heard.

4. Thing I miss: Time before Facebook

5. 80’s crush: John Mellencamp, Boy George

6. Current crush: Trevor Noah, Colin Kaepernick

7. Will whine about: Injustice, inequity, cooking dinner

8. Will wine about: Prosecco, and Shandies (beer and lemonade, I like Corona with Newman’s Own… Go ahead and judge, but they make me so happy in the summertime)

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: I spent an hour or so with my 14 year old, getting his stuff together for a month away. I made him listen to all my old cds: Classic Queen, U2, Violent Femmes.

10. Looking forward to: In the immediate future: I’m going to a Daybreaker yoga/dance party at 6am Wednesday morning. Never been, and it looks fun. More generally: Introducing people to artist Jenny Belin’s excellent work. Her show is up at DK through August (portraits of badass women, flowers, feminist kitties). Stop by and say hi!

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