Elana Frankel

TueNight 10: Elana Frankel

Age: “Old enough”

Bio: Elana is a founder (indigonandhaze.com); author and writer (Women and Weedthe book); Editor in Chief (Women and Weed, the magazine). She’s worked for One Kings Lane (creative director), Architectural Digest,Martha Stewart Living, The New York Times, WSJ/Off DutyNew York Magazine and Oprah (to name a few). She also teaches yoga and meditation. 

Beyond the Bio: “Aging up, I became a stronger performer, collaborator, influencer, strategist, maker, doer, communicator, team builder, and public speaker.”

What makes you a grown-ass lady? “I speak my mind…and yours.”

Here’s her TueNight 10:

1. On the nightstand: Indigo and Haze body lotion, New Highs CBD and CBG tinctures, a Tibetan singing bowl, animal spirit cards and a weaving my son made in art class. High thread-count hippie stuff. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Focusing on safe access, education, and inspiration around the plant. 

3. Jam(s) of the minute: GangstagrassLucky Chops, and Yola 

4. Thing I miss: Charivari 

5. ’80s crush: Michael Hutchence  

6. Current crush: My husband (Me: “You really are my crush.” Him: “I know.”)

7. Latest fave find: Linen bed sheets 

8. Last thing you lost: My sense of smell

9. Best thing that happened recently: My story and book profiled on CNN 

10. Looking forward to: Hitting my prime

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