Evelyn Taylor Bonner

TueNight 10: Evelyn Taylor Bonner

Evelyn Taylor Bonner with her wares at the West Elm in Red Bank, New Jersey (photo courtesy Evelyn Taylor Bonner)

Age: 53

Quick bio: Evelyn is a full-time ceramic artist living in the super-hip Philly suburb of Collingswood, New Jersey. Her work is featured at the five West Elm stores in New Jersey, and she’s currently busy filling wholesale orders and prepping for her 7th annual Open Studio event happening December 7-8. 

Beyond the bio: “I’ve worked my ass off to get here, and now, at 53, I’m kinda living the dream. So much therapy, so much hard work, and so many supportive friends helped me get here. I married an amazing man whom I had known for 30 years prior (friendship turned to romance), left behind a 20 year arts-marketing career to become a full-time artist, and reluctantly adopted my MIL’s cat who’s now a miracle of love in our home. It’s not always easy around here, but I’m incredibly grateful.”

1. On the nightstand: Weekly New York Times mag. Now if I could only manage to read it. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Survivor… I refuse to defend myself, your honor.

3. Jam of the minute: The Morning Show on Seattle’s KEXP (on TuneInRadio app)

4. Thing I miss: My mom’s flower garden. And my dad’s sense of humor.

5. 80s crush: Erik Estrada who I recently met on my plane out of LAX. His smile has actual wattage. 

6. Current crush: Monty Don. Look him up, for reals.

7. Will whine about: Forgetting to make coffee at night because I like it cold from the fridge in the morning.

8. Will wine about: Gave up the sauce a year ago and don’t miss it at all.

9. Best thing that happened recently: I hired part-time help in my studio. A college sophomore who is eager to learn and really lovely to converse with. Plus, I’m learning to delegate tasks and let her do the grunt work so I can enjoy my studio again.

10. Looking forward to: Our next trip out west. Whenever it might happen. I fell in love with Arizona (both northern and southern) last year, and can’t wait to visit New Mexico!

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  1. Jill diMassimo

    Ev is the best! A gifted artist with a huge heart to match her talents. Full disclosure: I am also a member of the Monty Don fan club.


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