TueNight 10: Golda

Age: 41

Quick bio: Golda is a lawyer by day and a singer/songwriter/bassist by night and the occasional late afternoon. Her latest album, “Be My Satellite“, was just released on May 17, 2019 and is available everywhere you get your music or on her official website.

Beyond the bio: “I started taking bass lessons at the tender age of 37. I told myself I’d just commit to about 10 lessons, but I ended up diving in head first and within a year I was writing songs. Despite my fat positive background (I took a five-year break from the law to be a full time body love blogger and coach in 2009), I still found myself struggling with whether pursuing music was “worthwhile” and whether I was too old/fat etc. to put myself out there. Luckily, I was able to overcome that crap and started playing out and released my first album in 2017. Now I really embrace the idea that I’m a middle-aged/Gen-X songwriter, writing songs for other people who are around my own age.”

1. On the nightstand: Tracy Chevalier’s first book, The Virgin Blue. She’s one of my favorite current writers. I’ve read all of her other books so I’m going back to her first. My personal favorite of hers is Remarkable Creatures.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Fatting it up all over NYC as part of an acoustic duo with my husband, Jeff.

3. Jam of the minute: Other than MY NEW ALBUM, OMG, I’m obsessed with Jenny Lewis’s new album. It’s an album that just envelopes you. My favorite song so far is “Taffy“.

4. Thing I miss: Being less accessible to people. I miss being able to say I missed someone’s call because I was out.

5. 80s crush: Dweezil Zappa. The second record I ever bought was “Havin’ a Bad Day.” I just googled him and I may still have a crush on him.

6. Current crush: Luka Jones from Shrill and People of Earth. He’s just adorable.

7. Will whine about: Vocal fry. I will probably whine with vocal fry about vocal fry.

8. Will wine about: I’ve never found a wine I actually liked. I’m missing those normal-person taste buds, apparently. But I really love going to vineyards on Long Island and sort of pretending to myself that I’m in Italy.

9. Best thing that happened recently: In the past two years each of my sisters had a baby and I really love being an aunt. It’s sweet seeing my little sisters being mommas and I adore my niece and nephew. I can’t wait to be “the cool/fun aunt who lives in the city.”

10. Looking forward to: Fully growing out my gray hair. I was so tired of dyeing it ever few weeks to cover the gray. Now I’m documenting it and sharing pics of other “grombre” fat people over on Instagram. It’s kind of like watching paint dry over two years, but I’m psyched about letting my hair be it’s natural color.

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