Jenny Seymour and quote: "I no longer worry about what others think of me and am not afraid to “embarrass” myself."
“I no longer worry about what others think of me and am not afraid to “embarrass” myself.”

TueNight 10: Jenny Seymour

(Jenny striking a pose for her favorite photographer, Christi of Grinkie Photography, LLC.)

Age: 47.

Basic bio: When she’s not optimizing websites and mobile apps, Minnesota-based Jenny Seymour enjoys singing showtunes, co-hosting Hamiltunes events, and doing pin-up photo shoots. She’s planning her third shoot this summer – with her husband and a vintage propeller plane. 

Beyond the bio: Things have only improved in my life in my 40s. I found the most wonderful man to share the rest of my life with, I’m the grandmother to a gorgeous 2-year-old boy, and I enjoy what I do for a living. It took a while to find and love myself, but I’m finally here and I continue to work on myself and my relationships.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? I no longer worry about what others think of me and am not afraid to “embarrass” myself.

Here’s her TueNight 10:

1. On the nightstand: My travel journal. I can’t wait to start updating that again!

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Singing and biking.

3. Jam of the minute: We’ve been listening to a lot of vinyl. We pulled out our case/lang/veirs album last night. We were supposed to see them (Neko Case, k.d. lang and Laura Veirs) on stage a few years back and the show was rained out. We have also been working on our own concept album. We have never made an album before and are learning a lot!

4. Thing I miss: Going to live shows (music and theatre).

5. ’80s crush: Pierce Brosnan.

6. Current crush: My cutie pie husband.

7. Latest fave find: Beautycounter’s Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

8. Last thing you lost: A game of mah-jongg to my husband.

9. Best thing that happened recently: We booked some trips for 2021. Crossing our fingers we can travel!

10. Looking forward to: Hanging out with friends and traveling again.

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