TueNight 10: Lynn Harris

Lynn Harris is full of funny lady superpowers. She is co-creator of the award-winning Breakup Girl, the superhero who saves the world by saving your love life, and she recently founded GOLD Comedy, which gives women and girls the powerful tools to find their funny.  At our TueNight Live: Fail event last March, Lynn Harris had us all laughing so hard about her worst day ever, that we begged her to come back for TueNight Live: SWAP to share her reasons for changing her son’s last name. Fun fact: Back in the 90’s, Lynn played Tonya Harding on an episode of Geraldo. 

1. On the nightstandTo Siri with Love, by Judith Newman; All The Ways The World Can End, by Abby Sher; Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family, by Pauli Murray (They just named a residential college after her at Yale, my alma mater, and I am extra proud because it turns out she is also a distant cousin.)

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Coloring my hair in various fun ways, even though my kids (10 and 8) are like MOMMY WE HAVE LITERALLY NEVER SEEN YOUR REAL HAIR.

3. Jam of the minute: “Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You),” by Kesha + Dolly (actually a cover of a song that Kesha’s mom wrote for Dolly!)

4. Thing I miss: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama

5. 80’s crush: Harrison Ford. He will also be my 2080s crush. 

6. Current crush: All the politi-bros on Pod Save AmericaFiona the Hippo

7. Will whine about: Swimming in cold water. Which is weird because I love winter.

8. Will wine about: Gin

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: Bad: Outdoor showing of Rogue One on Coney Island cancelled due to high wind;  Good: Kids and husband and I get MAGICAL SURPRISE LUNA PARK AT NIGHT night!

10. Looking forward to: The teens of GOLD Comedy performing at the sold out Cinder Block Comedy Festival!

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