TueNight 10: Lynn Hepburn

Age: 46

Quick bio: Lynn is a Brooklyn-based, non-profit fundraising executive. She’s on the hunt for her next challenge after 13 years in the same role. Currently soliciting ideason what to be when she grows up.

Beyond the Bio: “Laid off for the first time in my life this year, I’m both excited and terrified by the opportunities ahead. I’m glad it happened now when I have more confidence and at the stage in life when I see it as a pivot to something better and different. More chin hairs, fewer concerns about what others think. Circle of life…”

1. On the nightstand: Half a dozen or so lotions and creams that will never go on my body because I hate lotions and creams but know I should use them so I keep buying them.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Watching MSNBC. I have been glued to the tv since before the 2016 election. While others have been gushing about Game of Thrones, I’ve been nursing my crush on Rachel Maddow. I feel like something bad will happen if I look away but how much worse can it really get? Scratch that, I’m afraid to ask.

3. Jam of the Minute: “Juice” by Lizzo. “I’m like Chardonnay, get better over time.”

4. Thing I Miss: Talking to my mom every day. She passed away four years ago and is still the first person I want to talk to whenever anything happens – good or bad.

5. 80s Crush: Rick Springfield aka Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. He also taught me the word “moot.” Thanks Rick.

6. Current Crush: Hugh Jackman – but not in a homewrecking kind of way. I just want him to come over and do jazz hands or tell me a bedtime story about wallabies.

7. Will Whine About: Lack of courtesy and manners. If I ever end up in jail, odds are it’s because someone didn’t say thank you when I held the door for them.

8. Will Wine About:Those who don’t think gender bias and discrimination exists. Women, this is our time. We need to stick together and create the change the world needs.

9. Best thing that happened recently: I’ve started writing again which is so important for my creativity and my mental health because it’s how I process.

10. Looking forward to:Sweater weather! As a lifelong nerd, fall always brings a fresh start as temperatures drop.

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