TueNight 10: Marcelle Karp

Marcelle Karp kept true to form at our TueNight Live: SWAP back in April, when she told a room full of people that, at age 52, she’d had sex with a 25 year old in a stairwell. As the co-creator of BUST, Marcelle was at the forefront of Third Wave Feminism, touting her vibrator and encouraging women to have agency over their sexual lives. Now, she blogs at barbmagazine.com, the site she found in 2016, staying on message: have sex, have the kind of sex you want to have. She’s the mother of the comic Ruby Karp, who just published her feminist tome, Earth Hates Me and also produces and hosts the monthly stand up show, We Hope You Have Fun, at UCB EAST. #proudmama

1. On the nightstandEarth Hates Me by Ruby Karp. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. Heard him on NPR. Another sign that I’m happily middle-aged.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Look, I’m just not going to stop listening to Pavement.

3. Jam of the minutePod Save America.

4. Thing I missBrownies on Avenue A.

5. 80’s crush: Springsteen.

6. Current crush: Rocky, my pug.

7. Will whine about: How people don’t return emails. How it’s clear to me that I’m 53 as I job search and am not being hired. How impotent I feel in the wake of ageism.

8. Will wine about:  My super duper iced tea recipe.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: I got to hang out with my friends.

10. Looking forward to: Spending time with my friends.

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