TueNight 10: Mary Lee Kortes

Quick bio: Mary Lee Kortes is a singer/songwriter, author, performer and teacher. She has six albums released under the name Mary Lee’s Corvette, and her first book, Dreaming of Dylan: 115 Dreams About Bob, has just been published by BMG Books.

Beyond the bio: “My life right now is far more incredible than I could have imagined, although the hope and desire for where I am now was always there. I didn’t even really get started at what I wanted and was meant to do until I was in my 30s. I had to fight the strange voices in my head telling me to sit in the corner and be still, don’t bother anyone. Hardly my true self, and hardly the appropriate behavior for someone who wants to create. Hardly the demeanor of someone about to embark on a book and music tour of Russia!”

1. On the nightstandThe Future is History: How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia by Masha Gessen. 

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Singing and imagining

3. Jam of the minute: Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help

4. Thing I miss: My mom

5. 80s crush: Todd Rundgren

6. Current crush: I knew there was something missing!

7. Will whine about: Why can’t everything just be easy for once. And of course people talking loudly on cell phones in public way too close to me.

8. Will wine about: I red wine almost every day!

9. Best thing that happened recently: I got invited to a screening of a Scorsese film.

10. Looking forward to: More writing, more creating, more travel, more discovery. But to keep it more concrete, looking forward going to Russia next week!

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