TueNight 10: Maya Guy

Age: 45

Basic Bio: Maya is the founder of Suburban Women for Kamala Harris, a Facebook page that started the day after Harris was announced as VP, and now has 185,000 members (and counting!). Maya’s proudest role is that of housewife, but she’s worked as a property and restaurant manager, realtor and corrections officer.

Beyond the Bio: I launched ”Suburban Women” on a whim after reading a quote from a White House staffer who was like, “Kamala will scare the shit out of suburban women.” A few days before that, Trump had said some stuff about suburban housewives. I’m both of those demographics but I’m the opposite of what they were envisioning, and I knew others like me.

What makes you a grown-ass lady? As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I’m tired of suppressing my voice and opinions publicly so others aren’t uncomfortable. I’ve made myself smaller and my voice quieter too not play into the angry Black woman stereotype. I’ve decided to celebrate my own voice, to speak up and make sure I’m heard. And if I’m labeled angry, so be it, but I won’t be quiet. My desire is to do everything on my own terms. If I sink or if I swim, flop or fly, it’s going to be done my way. No one is changing for me so I’m not changing for them. I refuse to budge.

1. On the nightstand: A glass of wine and the latest book from Addison Cain. I got to meet this author at a NAACP protest this summer and I just fell in love with her kindness and spirit. It’s awesome when you like someone and you’re a fan and then you meet them in real life and they are actually gracious and kind.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Thinking about P. Diddy when I hear this phrase. I’m a 90s hip hop head! But seriously, this is my daily mantra as a mom to Black children. We don’t have time to be complacent with anything, school, sports, service to our community. They need to be the best at whatever they do so they can at least get a fair chance at anything. It is so important that they excel at the things that matter in life and for that to occur, I can’t stop. Won’t stop. 

3. Jam of the minute: “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross. I know it’s old but it’s my jam! It’s positive, it’s about reinventing yourself, and growing up, she was what I looked up to.

4. Thing I miss: I miss my kids all being young. The transition from mothering a house full of kids to having four kids in college is bittersweet. I miss the days when they all thought I was so cool and the smartest person in the room.

5. ’80s crush: Original MJ. He was handsome and funny and so talented.

6. Current crush: Idris Elba & Keanu Reeves. I’ve got a lot of love to give! They are my perfect yin and yang.

7. Latest fave find: Couture Brew coffee! It is ah-maz-ing! It’s a special Ethiopian blend and the package says it’s got chocolate, grapes, and strawberry taste. Well I thought I didn’t like chocolate but apparently I love it in coffee!

8. Last thing you lost: My spare time! Due to COVID I had to stop working to stay home and help my two school-age children with virtual school. My high schooler doesn’t need much but my second grader needs me every step of the way.

9. Best thing that happened recently: The candidacy of Kamala Harris and the start of the group. Somehow, someway, the most caring, kind, fun loving, hilarious, and opinionated women found my group and I get to revel in their midst every day and I love it!

10. Looking forward to: A vacation. I miss my husband. I miss our time alone and just being out together. COVID has reshaped our lives and we are still thriving but I look forward to a real vacation when we can leave the country and just be Mike and Maya again.

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  1. Lydia Rajunas

    How can I get that fantastic suburban af t shirt!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Arissa Oliveros

    Maya you are a hero in my eyes. Thank you for using your voice to facilitate change and support our candidate Kamala! You have proven that together we are stronger! I’m thinking of the testimony of the protagonist in Boys on the side as she speaks of the power and strength in the friendships between women! Can’t stop, won’t stop indeed!!’ You and our sisters here are a breath of fresh air in this dark and dangerous time in history. Let’s make the losses count for something by staying the course and calling for the best in each of us to face these forces with solidarity. ❤️


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