TueNight 10: Mimi Hui

Age: 46!

Quick bio: Mimi is a Senior Director of Technical Products at WeWork San Francisco. She’s an avid (but extremely slow) watercolorist and is working on a selection for a future show.

Beyond the Bio:  “I became pregnant somewhat unexpectedly at 45, and then lost my baby. This triggered a series of health issues, including a dormant chronic illness which may not have a cure. It’s taught me to enjoy what’s in front of me, be very focused, and to be financially prudent in the event that I won’t be able to work and have skyrocketing health costs. I need to be sure that I can care for myself as much as possible. It’s also considerably amped up my snarky-ness.”

1. On the nightstand: My puppy’s collar — we have a silly ritual where I take off his collar before we settle in to bed and then I exclaim, “Look! You’re nekkid and ready for bed!”

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Being a New Yorker/wondering how to get more sleep

3. Jam of the minute: Silence — it’s really relaxing

4. Thing I miss: My health

5. 80s crush: Simon LeBon, Rick Springfield 

6. Current crush: None — I don’t got time for that!

7. Will whine about: Depends on the day — inequities, poor judgment, people walking super slowly in the street, extremely judgmental people…

8. Will wine about: Cheese, pizza, chocolate… okay — food

9. Best thing that happened recently: I found a legit cannoli place in the Bay Area.

10. Looking forward to: More cannolis, winning the Nobel prize, after the MacArthur. 

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