TueNight 10: Penelope Codrington

Age: 52 

Quick bio: Penelope dreams of abandoning her legal career and surrendering to her vocation: purposeful storytelling. She enjoys writing essays and performing stories with a social justice or uplifting theme and is grateful for any opportunity to share them.

Beyond the Bio: “A decade ago, I decided that I was tired of feeling invisible. I forced myself to speak up, stand out and choke down feelings of insecurity in places and situations where I felt unwelcome. It’s been a life changing exercise, so freeing and empowering.”

1. On the nightstandGuanahani, My Love by Marion Bethel, a wonderful attorney/poet/writer/activist from The Bahamas.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: I’m obsessed with the scary drama of the impeachment proceedings.

3. Jam of the minute: Any tune on the Deep House or Frankie Knuckles stations on Pandora.

4. Thing I miss: Dancing in New York night clubs until closing, emerging tired and happy to a bright Sunday morning and slowly walking home drinking a New York Seltzer peach soda.

5. 80s crushLL Cool J

6. Current crush: Brian K. (my dude), the sweetest, sexiest man ever!  He’s 10 years older, from way upstate New York, a veteran, and an outdoors enthusiast which means that on paper, we have nothing in common. Love of my life.

7. Will whine about: The challenges I’m having trying to reenter the workforce after taking a couple of years off.

8. Will wine about:  Strength training. I’m so strong I can’t even believe it.  Dropping those weights at the gym like boom! My teenage sons are impressed which is surely a miracle.

9. Best thing that happened recently:  I became a published author thanks to Tuenight!

10. Looking forward to: My wedding at home in the Bajan countryside this June.

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