TueNight 10: Robin Bobbé

In her 65 years, Robin Bobbé has donned many hats. She’s been a fashion stylist, actor/waitress, documentary producer, casting director and commercial print model among other things. Robin’s latest creative endeavor, The Modernager Blog, is for women who are breaking boundaries — like she does — strutting their stuff and just saying no to growing old gracefully. One of her mottos: “Never stop growing.” 

1. On the nightstand: Estrace. I’m 65.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Running and working out. It’s a love hate thing.

3. Jam of the minute: “The Boys Wanna Be Her.” Samantha Bee’s theme song. Hell, I wanna be her.

4. Thing I miss: Little Italy before it became Nolita. The Flower District before it became Nomad.

5. 80’s crush: Val Kilmer. My first film role was opposite Val Kilmer in Real Genius. I was so nervous I forgot my lines and ended up on the cutting room floor.

6. Current crush: Cintra Wilson and Maria Popova.

7. Will whine about: Cellphone wielding machine hogs at the gym.

8. Will wine about: Miraval Rosé.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday:  The subway wasn’t delayed because of train traffic.

10. Looking forward to: The day I look good in red lipstick.

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