TueNight 10: Sarah Dunn

Sarah Dunn is the creator and executive producer of the ABC sitcom American Housewife.  Her new novel, The Arrangement, is about a happily married couple who decide to embark on an open marriage – six months, clear rules, no questions asked. Fun fact: Back in the ‘90s Sarah wrote the humor column “Dunnwandering” for the Philadelphia City Paperand Margit was her occasional editor (here’s a piece she wrote for TueNight about trying to turn her newspaper nuttiness into a sitcom). These days Sarah’s in the middle of moving her husband and two small children from the Hudson Valley to a tiny house in Studio City. She notes, “It has a pool.”

1. On the nightstand: Ripley Under Ground by Patricia Highsmith, Avocado and Peppermint balm from Captain Blankenship, and a stack of 3×5 cards.  But often, no pen.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Watching Survivor. 34 seasons, people, and I’ve watched them all.

3. Jam of the minute: “Something Just Like This”, Coldplay and The Chainsmokers

4. Thing I miss: Not owning a cell phone.  I would get rid of mine if I could get away with it.  I have 23,236 unread email messages.

5. 80’s crush: Andrew McCarthy

6. Current crush: Chris Matthews

7. Will whine about: Children’s imaginary ‘gluten sensitivities’ imposed upon them by uptight, food-obsessed mommies.

8. Will wine about: Politics and television ratings

9. Best thing that happened yesterday:  I spent two hours inside a tank at Rise Above Floatation in Mt. Kisco, NY.  And yeah, I know that’s weird.

10. Looking forward to: Making a ton of garlic scape pesto and freezing it for the year.

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