TueNight 10: Shira White

Age: 58 chronologically, various in every other metric

Quick Bio: Founder of BeautifulNow, a digital media (and soon social commerce) startup that focuses on the most beautiful things happening in the world right now, including the Arts/Design, Impact, Nature/Science/Tech, Food, Travel and Wellness.

Beyond the bio: Right now, I am rebuilding major parts of my life: Rebuilding home after catastrophic flood. Rebuilding business with new monetization strategies and goals. Rebuilding community now that I am based in NYC vs mostly in London and constant global traveling. Rebuilding my love life after recently ending a 16-year life partnership. Rebuilding my body after some illness (and all of the above mentioned stresses took their toll). Rebuilding my philanthropic efforts, given all of the above changes. While all of this rebuilding is challenging, to say the least, it comes with so many opportunities for growth, expansion, and new possibility — already I am experiencing some rewards.

1. On the nightstand: My new bullet journal (it actually works!). Barbara Kingsolver’s latest, Unsheltered. Well-read over and over, Diane Ackerman’s I Praise My Destroyer and MFK Fisher’s The Art of Eating. A draft copy of Building the Future, which I am helping to edit for its author, my brilliant friend Kathleen Lusk Brooke. Lavender chocolates.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Searching for beauty wherever I am, wherever I go, and in whomever I meet.

3. Jam of the minute: The Calm app. It’s been keeping me from freaking the fuck out despite a crazy AF year.

4. Thing I miss: Traveling without security screening and with less crowded airports.

5. 80s crush: Grace Jones, David Bowie, Carl Sagan.

6. Current crush: Roger Federer, Richard Branson, Amal Clooney. Plus a secret crush…

7. Will whine about: Mediocrity. And the fact that carbs, cocktails and wine have calories. I could go on, but don’t want to be too whiny.

8. Will wine about: Good Barolos. Rochelt Morello. (I actually have a longer list than this, but see answers to #7)

9. Best thing that happened recently: I always push back when asked about “the best” or “my favorite” because there is never one answer and it’s impossible to choose just one. So I will answer this with a few great things that instantly popped into my mind, knowing that there are plenty more answers chomping at the bit: 1) A far-from-wealthy woman just bought 100 homeless people hotel rooms during the polar vortex. 2) Venus and Jupiter are brilliant right now in the early morning winter sky. 3) Our society is finally beginning to challenge ageism and we’re seeing the strength and beauty of people of all ages featured in our media. 4) Many friends, old and new, close and distant, gathered around to support me with love in the wake of a recent crisis. 5) I find something beautiful happening somewhere, in some form, every day.

10. Looking forward to: Spring. Political and social change to restore and build new civility, justice and responsibility for our planet. Helping to make a difference in the world. Falling in love again.

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