TueNight 10: Stacy Morrison

At 48, Stacy Morrison never thought she’d still be figuring out what to do when she grew up. After all, she’d set her sights on being a magazine editor in fifth grade. “That sense of promise in my hands I felt every month with Seventeen magazine just hooked me,” she says. And she went on to have an award-winning career launching new titles (Time Out New York), reinventing old ones (Modern Bride, Redbook). But then, the ground beneath her shifted. “I left publishing first, and then publishing left me. And now I’m in my seventh year of WTF.” Part of that WTF has been consulting, working with clients like the music-and-yoga festival Wanderlust, or the parenting App WeeSchool, as well as doing individual coaching and writing. Author of the book Falling Apart in One Piece, Stacy has been a frequent contributor to TueNight since the very beginning, writing about everything from being crafty to owning her desire. Here’s Stacy’s TueNight 10, and here’s to all of us figuring things out as we go along.

1. On the nightstand: I’m rereading Infinite Jest, and it’s even more brilliant now.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Adopting, and then abandoning, new hobbies (beading, needle-felting) after having bought an obscene amount of supplies.

3. Jam of the minute: I’m obsessed with Kelsey Lu and Agnes Obel, I’m a sucker for beautiful, haunting voices.

4. Thing I miss: Knowing what the hell I’m doing.

5. 80’s crush: Judd Nelson, duh!!!

6. Current crush: Teppei Teranishi from Thrice. His playing makes me cry (listen to “Of Dust and Nations”) and he has really good hair.

7. Will whine about: Working from home. It’s misery! I miss getting dressed for work and being around people like whoa.

8. Will wine about: All the things: gruner veltliner, riesling, Oregon pinot noirs, the underrated petite sirah, the search for a biodynamic wine that actually tastes good…I could go on and on.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: The temperature reached 33 degrees!!

10. Looking forward to: A weekend in NYC with my boyfriend for my birthday: Louise Bourgeois, Edvard Munch, the Brandy Library, tea-tasting, record-shopping, and, of course, room service.

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