TueNight 10: Sulyn Silber

Age: 52

Quick bio: Sulyn has been a personal trainer for 20 years and a massage therapist for 14. She has recently moved from NYC to Denver to spend more time in nature, and more specifically, in the mountains. During the Covid-19 pandemic, as a professional who relies on in-person workouts, she switched up her business to offer customized virtual personal training sessions. She mixes her simple DIY workouts with a badass personalized playlist from her days as a DJ. 

Beyond the Bio:  “Turning 50 was huge. I found more confidence in my daily life and I wasn’t afraid to ruffle feathers, but I also realized that I had the power to defuse situations. Part of this comes from my daily meditation practice, which started in 2014, and from endless hours of talk therapy. Being in my 5th decade on this planet, I live life as fully as I can, each and every day. And I try to find kindness in moments that may have eluded me in my younger days.”

What makes you a grown-ass lady?  “Being able to say yes to things that are scary, and no to things that do not serve me.”

1. On the nightstand: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Sometimes I just need a short read to help lull me to sleep.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Motivating folks to live their full lives as healthy and pain-free as possible.

3. Jam of the minute: “Hell n Back” by Bakar. He’s a young lad out of England with a great sound.

4. Thing I miss: My NYC peeps

5. ’80s crush: Mariel Hemingway

6. Current crush: Alison Brie from GLOW

7. Latest fave find: Juicy Bits Double Dry-Hopped IPA by Weldwerks

8. Last thing you lost: My ATM card. I think it’s somewhere in my apartment.

9. Best thing that happened recently: I met a wonderful woman who lives in Steamboat Springs, an awesome ski resort town. She is currently my COVID boo.

10. Looking forward to: Going out for dinner with friends in NYC.


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