TueNight 10: Tara Shaver

Tara hikes a glacier in South Iceland in winter — 3 years after an unexpected total hip replacement (Photo provided by Tara)

Age: 41

Quick bio: Tara is a volunteer engagement advisor with AARP by day and moonlights as a video storyteller. She is currently promoting her COVID-19 Chronicles, which documented her household’s journey with this coronavirus, including a crowd-sourced Q&A.

“My boyfriend and I were two of the first people in Tennessee to be diagnosed with COVID-19. We had symptoms of the virus for 12-14 days and have been released from observation by public health since March 21. Since we have fully recovered, we are now participating in a COVID-19 vaccine study conducted by Vanderbilt University, and taking steps to donate plasma specifically for COVID-19 therapies.”

Beyond the Bio:  “I’m a self-proclaimed city bumpkin. Born and raised in a small community outside of a small town in rural north Alabama, I love the conveniences and variety of city life, while embracing the best parts of ‘my raising.’ World traveler. Shoe junkie. List maker. Life changer. Curly Girl.”

What makes you a grown-ass lady? “Being confident in who I am, what I think, what I believe, and what skills and talents I bring to the table.”

1. On the nightstand: A stack of books I’ll probably never read and a bottle of migraine meds.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Listening to Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas 

3. Jam of the minute: Adam Hood’s song “Tuesday Night”

4. Thing I miss: Travel — even work travel! 

5. ’80s crush: George Michael 

6. Current crush: Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey 

7. Latest fave find: Good Medicine Beauty Lab — small, woman-owned and amazing products! 

8. Last thing you lost: My cell phone. It’s an almost daily occurrence made worse by being home all damn day!

9. Best thing that happened recently: Successfully replanted a fig tree in my backyard, and it seems to be happy!

10. Looking forward to: My next vacation and dancing with my friends again IRL.

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