TueNight 10: Victoria Selbach

In 2008, after spending 20 years in corporate fashion design, Victoria decided to paint full-time — now she can’t be stopped. One of her most compelling series of works: “Godesses“, gorgeous, larger-than-life-size nudes. “I strive to make a deep empathic connection to the contemporary women I paint, capturing their immense goddess power.”  

You can find Victoria’s work in private collections and exhibits across the country and she curated the PoetsArtists exhibition The Artists Gaze; Seeing Women in the 21st Century where she brought together the perspectives of over 40 artists. 

Right now, Victoria is researching her next big series: listening to the stories of women and collecting related material and images. “The new paintings will be driven by the truths individual women have grown to know about their own sexuality. These are the stories they rarely share, the complex realities they know to be true about themselves but rarely wear on their sleeve.”

1. On my nightstand: Next to fancy eye shades and YogaToes, I accumulate bits and pieces of items I’ve recently read. Near the top of the heap, torn from the New York Times, is Brent Staples opinion piece, “When Southern Newspapers Justified Lynching” and “How I Learned to Yell“by Vanessa Barbara alongside printouts from books of 70’s feminist artists including Judith Bernstein’s massive Dicks of Death charcoal drawings, and reminders of  Betye Saar, and Howardena Pinell.

2. Can’t stop won’t stop: Digging for answers to who we truly are, painting my way to a deeper understanding and creating to shout it from the rooftops.

3. Jam of the minute: The Blaze, Heaven and Territory

4. Thing I miss: Breastfeeding my son. Walking with my daughter’s small hand pressed in my palm. Losing myself in dance.

5. 80s crush: Klaus Kinski

6. Current CrushMike Selbach

7. Will whine about: Nothing that’s important. (I prefer to rage)

8. Will wine about: Cooking food for good friends and dinner conversations on the porch.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: I attended the stellar opening of Natural Proclivities a painting exhibition curated by uber talented Melanie Vote and Kim Powers. Up until July 27, way downtown, at the gorgeous Shirley Fireman Art Center.

10. Looking forward to: Uncovering and celebrating the stories of more incredible women. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like be involved in my new project.

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