TueNight 10: Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson is a business coach, bestselling author, and twice honored as one of the world’s top 50 most influential management thinkers. She’s also a co-founder of Forty Women Over 40 to Watch. (We love that, natch). Right now she’s busily prepping to launch a new book, Build An A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve. It’s amazing she has any downtime — but she makes a point to find it, whether hiking up Camelback mountain during a recent conference in Phoenix, or spending time with her family before hitting Florida, Boston, and Las Vegas for more speaking engagements. “Things are a whirlwind right now, but that’s what happens when you launch a book,” she tells TueNight. “It’s quite thrilling!” During our last event, she shared a touching story about her own insights after her brother’s passing which you can read below. But first, here’s Whitney‘s TueNight 10:

1. On the nightstandThe Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and a bottle of water.

2. Can’t stop/won’t stop: Mexican food, especially Red Iguana in Salt Lake City.

3. Jam of the minute: Headspace app.

4. Thing I miss: Cuddling my children.

5. ’80s crush: My husband (started in the 80s).

6. Current crush: Bob Proctor featured in The Secret.

7. Will whine about: Standing in line.

8. Will wine about: Don’t drink, but…chocolate.

9. Best thing that happened yesterday: Hearing Alan Mulally, former CEO of Ford, talk about best management practices.

10 Looking forward to: Launch of my new book on May 1st!

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