Useful and chic? Yes! 7 Great Gifts to Give

To my mind, the point of gifting is to give another person something that becomes indispensable to them, or very nearly so. To that end, I like finding attractive, well-designed versions of useful, everyday things, because that way the items in question will actually be loved and used, instead of re-gifted or put away in a drawer somewhere—which is always the fear. 

1. Emile Henry Salt Pig

First of all, you just have to love something called a salt pig, and I like how it looks kind of retro and space-age. It’s also a super-handy and easily accessible way to store salt, and when you’re done cooking, it looks great on your dining room table. Also, it comes in a ton of good colors, but I’m partial to this poppy red, which is what I have in my kitchen.

$40, Chef’s Corner Store

2. Brass clips

Your gift-ee can use these cool brass clips as she would an ordinary paperclip, or as a bookmark. I think the shapes are really cheery and fun.

$18, Poketo

3. MTA socks

I love these safety-orange socks from streetwear brand Only NY, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Transit Authority. They’d look so cool peeking out from under a pair of jeans, and the MTA logo is kind of a classic. 

$14, Only NY

4. Wolfum serving tray

I’m a big fan of LA-based home design brand Wolfum, and designer Annabel Inganni is masterful in her deployment of color and pattern. This tray would come in handy as a cheese and appetizer board for parties, but I might put it on my dresser and store jewelry on it. 

Alma blue serving tray, $68, Wolfum

5. Block perpetual calendar

I don’t know about you, but I’m always forgetting what the date is, and while a quick glance my laptop or phone would resolve that issue handily, wouldn’t at this pocket-sized desk calendar be a far more stylish solution?

$68, Poketo

6. Stacking jewelry boxes

These are a nice, neat way to store jewelry or whatever else you want out of sight, and the color combinations are pretty fun.

$25 ($20 for members), MoMA Design Store

7. Coin purse

I always want things that go in my handbag to be bright-colored, so I don’t have trouble finding them. This little coin purse fits those specs, and couldn’t be a whole lot cuter either. 

$65, Clare V.

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  1. Barbara O'Dair

    Kim, thank you for your selections. I’m getting the tray, the boxes, and the socks. Please come up with many more. Thanks.
    Your friend, Barbara

  2. Alice Stone

    This choices are fantastic! Needed a bday gift for my daughter and the stacking jewelry boxes are perfect.


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