We Asked Our Readers About TueNight. Here’s What You Said

After a year and a half of publishing TueNight (from our offices, from home in pajamas, from far-flung spots as varied as Virginia and Ireland), we were curious to hear from you, our readers. We wanted to get in your heads a bit and hear what you’re thinking.

  • What do you dig?
  • What are you bored of?
  • And how can you tell us this really great theme you’ve been waiting for us to pick?

So we set up a very short questionnaire online and asked. (Only five questions? That’s like a speed date!) Nothing majorly soul-searching, just a gut check to make sure we’re having the right conversations. And we loved your responses — which we will now share. We can’t thank you enough for your time and your thoughts.

Here are our questions and your answers.

1. What themes should TueNight.com do next?

It was very interesting to see that lots of you want to talk about relationships: specifically, reconnecting with spouses, dating after divorce, dealing with kids in college, being the non-mom around friends with kids. Yup, we get that. We are that. All of it. One of our goals is to show that women with experience are not one size fits all.

We also hear you that you want to talk about you, and what is happening: your body, your health, your beauty, your desire to take risks, your new hobbies and dreams at a time when you’ve achieved so much of what you originally set out to do…

And then the quirky suggestions. So good. Affairs, Nicknames, Literature, Money, Dream, Celebrity Crushes, Cats, Dominance (Is this 50 Shades territory??) and um, Hot Tubs? We can only think of the Eddie Murphy SNL skit.

While we factor many things into the development of a theme (editorial insight, time of year, the bagel we had that morning), we take your input seriously. And sometimes – not surprisingly — we’re on the same page: Next week our theme will be “Dating.” Between making fun of first dates and asking out newly divorced dudes, we’re hoping for a good time (and maybe to get lucky.)

2. Rank your favorite part of TueNight.com:

We loved that what’s most important to us is most important to you: the writing and the writers. We can’t say enough about the amazing women who write for us and share their personal stories. By the way, if you have a great experience to share, please email us at Hello@TueNight.com. We love to hear everyone’s stories.


3. How would you describe TueNight.com:

You had a lot to say here.

“Women who are old enough to know better. But young enough not to care.”

“A place to read great, funny writing every week.”

“Grownup women, but not *too* grownup.”

“Cool, aging women (don’t put that on a mug)”

“Stories for smart women who have lived and are living life.”

“Smart chicks.”

Yes, yes and yes.

And one person wrote, “smart, self-actualized, self-consciously humble white women.”

Which made us all go, huh. We hear you on the diversity tip. It’s a huge, important goal and we’ll keep pushing for more and more diverse voices.

As for the self-consciously humble. Yeah, well, sheesh. You got us.

4. What should we do more of?

We will keep planning live events and creating podcasts, advice columns and tips pages, but you’ve made clear that you’re in it for the stories. We are, too. That’s our jam.


What should we do less of? What should we tweak?

Thank you for your recommendations. In particular, we have the desire to broaden our audience outside of the NYC/urban area (road trip?) and to make our writer pool much more diverse. We’re all about stories — the more diverse and interesting, the more we learn from each other.

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