Weekend TueDo List: Special Movie Edition!

The Women of Wall Street (Photo via YouTube)

Yes, yes we know — we deliver every Tuesday. Well, sometimes we just can’t wait. To that end, here are a few of the things we’re listening to, reading and can’t wait to watch. Enjoy your weekend!


The 86th annual Academy Awards. Also known as the Oscars (duh), Ellen DeGeneres is on tap to host this year, and the contenders are tight. We’re rooting for Leo and Cate — and of course, ready to gawk at the gorgeous gowns (and make fun of the unfortunate duds) that grace the red carpet. (Sunday, March 2, 7pm EST)


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues…Super-Sized R-Rated Version. It makes no difference if you already caught this sequel when it first came out in December. This second cut of the Will Ferrell film features 763 all-new jokes — and plenty of deleted scenes —  to give you a fresh viewing experience. But hit the cinema as soon as you can. Opening today (Feb 28) it will only be in theaters for a week, so slap on your Sex Panther cologne and get going!


AMC Best Picture Showcase. Need to cram in  your Oscar-nominated films before Sunday? No problem. Various AMC theaters across the country are hosting Best Picture Showcases, in which you can buy passes either for a four-movie marathon, or jam all nine nominated flicks into one day. Godspeed, movie lovers. (Saturday, March 1 to Sunday, March 2, various locations.)


The Women of Wall Street. This hilarious parody of the film The Wolf of Wall Street reimagines its trailer, scene for scene, replacing the actors with women instead of men. By swapping in women, director Nicole Donadio gives the scene a  new point of view, showing that the “boys will be boys” behavior can be pretty abhorrent. On her blog Donadio writes, “Most of society feels women aren’t supposed to act this way, but in my world for a brief 2 and ½ minutes, they can.”

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