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Welcome to Next for X

Welcome to Next for X, a place for Gen Xers (and Gen X-proximate) to ask, marvel at, wonder about, or shake our fists at, well… what the hell is next?

I mean, we’re not always ones to talk about the future — because, ahem, we’re the ones building it. *wink*  BUT, we do know that one day we woke up and the world looked pretty different, with all those kids in line behind us. 

So this brand-new section, sponsored by our friends at #disruptaging, will be a place to talk about the eternal strangeness and wonder of growing older, how the concept of aging is shifting, and answer some truly important burning questions. 


  • How does life change as we get older? 
  • Are we ever going to retire or just keep finding new dreams to chase?
  • How are we caregiving, saving, spending, pivoting, reinventing and planning (or not planning) our lives?
  • And what are the inimitable marks Gen X will leave behind on how to make midlife and beyond cool AF? 

Inquiring minds want to know. So, without further ado, let’s leap in to what’s Next for X.

This week’s stories:

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Next for X, sponsored by #disruptaging

Tell us in the comments: What kinds of topics would you like to see us explore?

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