What I Found When I Unpacked My Kids’ Backpacks

(Photo: Nancy Gonzalez/TueNight)
It’s always fun to unpack the kids’ backpacks after a day at camp. Here, some of my findings:

My son:
Exploded ketchup pack, possibly multiple packs
Several rocks. Important-looking
Candy wrappers, various
Muddy socks, heavily worn, freestylin’ in the main compartment
Rain poncho from yesterday, still wet
Favorite baseball hat with ketchup damage
Three napkins, unused

My daughter:
Upside-down water bottle, half full, half of contents in formerly dry change of clothes
One clean sock
Wildflower book. Not ours
Rain poncho, wet
Uneaten yogurt from two days ago hidden in a secret compartment
Random sticks
One makeshift white headband
Three napkins, one obliterated
And this:
TueNight, Camp
(Photo courtesy Jennifer Ha)

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