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What to Get the Dog Who Has Everything

Last week, we shared all the reasons why our furry friends mean so much to us. They’re family, so naturally, they also deserve some holiday cheer (even if they don’t really know what it is they’re getting). Nevertheless, we’re sure your dog will love one (or all!) of these five canine Christmas gifts.

TN123_dogs_1_7201. Yum Gift Pack

I feed my dogs Dailo and Lola mostly raw and all-natural food, so why shouldn’t I wash them the same natural way? Y.U.M.’s Gift pack contains a dog wash made with essential oils such as citronella, lavender and cedarwood, plus a cleansing spray infused with lavender and lemon patchouli. I secretly want to spray this on myself.


TN123_dogs_2_7202. Filson Dog Shelter Cloth Dog Coat with Wool Lining

This dog coat is cozy, warm and reversible! The otter green side is made of water-repellant waxed-canvas, while the classic Filson plaid side is a sporty and hip (a perfect to match for your Filson Double Mackinaw).


TN123_dogs_3_7203. Bark Box

Join this subscription service and each month, a box full of doggie presents, including natural treats, toys and all sorts of good-smelling stuff, will be delivered to your door. The best part is 10% of your purchase goes toward helping a variety of dog rescue organizations. A portion of the proceeds from each box will go to help doggies in need! Get $10 off any Barkbox subscription by entering the promo code NS4ABBX1 and $10 will be donated to New Spirit Australian Shepherd Rescue.

$19/month and up,

TN123_dogs_4_7204. Wisdom Panel

You’re staring at Fido, scratching you head and thinking to yourself, “What in the heck are you?” If you’ve got a mixed breed pup and are trying to figure out what type he or she is, is the place to go. The site is filled with lots of Q&A that can give you great insights into your dog: My dog Lola turned out to be 1/2 Aussie (beauty), 1/4 Pointer (her vocal chords and prey instinct) and 1/4 Chihuahua (those crazy ears, of course, and she’s convinced she’s small enough to sit on your lap).


TN123_dogs_5_7205. Ruffwear Summit Trex Ruffwear Dog Boots

No, I don’t believe in dressing up dogs (unless it’s Halloween. Even so, Dailo has been the same DaiLion for the past eight years!) But protecting paws from dangerous ice-melting chemicals is key during the winter. That’s where these protective dog boots come in. Your pooch won’t be able to lick that toxic stuff off his paws. And for those of you who have a shoe-free household, it’s so much easier to keep paws clean in the snow or rain with these than it is to wipe off four paws (or more!) after every walk.


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Teresa Misagal

Teresa Misagal is a New York photographer, runway show manager (Anna Sui, Calvin Klein) a manager of the Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurants, and all around creative/fashion/cuisinista. Her photography has been featured everywhere from Martha Stewart to Fuji TV in Japan. She's also the creator of the blog "Dailola's Daily Dose" featuring Dailo and Lola, her two Australian Shepherds which documents their search for food, fashion and fun throughout Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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