What to Wear When It’s Hot As Balls Out

I am NOT a hot weather person. Don’t get me wrong. I totally appreciate the more laid-back vibe of summer. I love that it’s easier to find a parking space in my Brooklyn neighborhood for two blessed months, and I definitely can’t complain about the three kid-free weeks I get now that mine are old enough for overnight camp. But when the temperature hits 90 and I have to go about real life (as opposed to sitting under an umbrella on the beach or by the pool), it’s a little unbearable. In July, WNYC tested New York City’s hottest subway stations. One night in July at 7:09 PM, the Union Square L train platform measured 106.6 degrees. I break into a sweat just thinking about it!

So what can a girl do to stay cool when it’s hot as fuck outside? For me, I’ve found a few go-to outfits that seem to make things at least moderately better. A few caveats: I’m sorry to say, none of these outfits will likely make it in a corporate setting. They are pretty casual, although a few definitely work for going out for dinner and can be dressed up with the right shoes and jewelry. Also, I am not a “fashion” person. If you have suggestions for what I could to dress up any of these outfits, or if you have better jewelry or shoe suggestions, hit me up in the comments!

Outfit #1: Camp Mom

outfit 1_450x915

Overnight camp is expensive, yo. The rest of the summer, the kids are stuck with me planning FUN activities around the city. This Made dress is perfect for a day of hitting the asphalt hoping everyone is excited to go to a museum instead of the beach.

Outfit #2: Meet me for drinks

outfit 2_450x915

My new favorite summer cocktail is an Aperol spritz. I’ve had many of those in the last several weeks while wearing this perfectly cool LBD from Athleta.

Outfit #3: Easy Breezy

outfit 3_450x915

When all the bad press about J. Crew came out a few months ago, I was all, “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?” because I had recently found this dress and immediately knew I would wear it to death all summer. It’s verging on caftan with it’s flowiness, but the silky fabric dresses it up just enough to go out to a nice restaurant. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn it once a week since Memorial Day weekend.

Outfit #4: Out to lunch

outfit 4_450x915

Two summers ago, I ran into my friend Sue who stopped me and urgently said, “There’s a dress on sale at Diana Kane with your name on it! It’s in your size, and you have to go buy it! You will wear it to death!” Wearing things to death is a very big thing with me. Needless to say, I went, I bought and this linen dress with a brown leather cord belt has been a summer wardrobe staple ever since.

Outfit #5: Jump(suit) for joy

outfit 5_450x915

Did you know that this has been the summer of the jumpsuit? I went to an event in late June, and, I kid you not, I counted six women wearing jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are everywhere! I looooooove this Splendid jumpsuit so much, I went online and tried to find it in black so I could get another one. Sadly, it’s sold out everywhere (although they do seem to have it in a chambray). This army green version looks great with a black blazer thrown over it for when you leave the steamy outdoors and enter an overly-air-conditioned building.

So, there you have it — what I’m living in to stay cool. What are you wearing?

Photo: Stocksy.com

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  1. Gail Fishman Gerwin

    I’ll wear whatever you leave when you visit us.

  2. Martha Backer

    Karen, saw your cousin Ellen Chait posted this on FB, enjoyed it, need a new look… thanks for sharing.

  3. Fiona

    Damned sure I couldn’t carry off the jumpsuit look nearly as well as you, but you make me want to try!

  4. Renee Dale
    Renee Dale

    I love this. And you look fantastic in every pic!


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