What’s With the Damned Scarves?

(Illustration by Kat Borosky/TueNight)

I am not a fan of winter.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of seasons in general. You know those people who “love the seasons!” Those who enjoy the temperature variations, the brisk autumn days, snuggling by the fire in winter, the beautiful blooms of spring.

That ain’t me. I like it when it’s warm, period.

Ok, I do love boots and sweaters, but only as a necessity for weathering the anti-summer. I do have many beautiful pairs of suede and heavy leather boots that sit and wait for those times of year I have to tolerate the cold.

Perhaps I should start wearing them in the summer. Right? I mean, I do love boots, so why not wear them when my spirits are high, the sunshine is overhead, and I can actually come out of the house long enough for people to see and envy them.

Hell, no.

Which is why I take issue with people who wear scarves in the summer — a phenomenon that appears to be happening more and more. And it’s not just women in bulky infinity scarves and tank tops. Hombres are wrapping their necks as well (as evidenced on the recent edition of The Bachelorette). To wit:

Screenshot 2014-09-02 15.03.44

I did a little reconnaissance to figure out why and who thinks this trend is ok.

Scarves.net tries to debunk the “myth” that scarves are not for summer. It gives me and other naysayers 21 ways to wear summer scarves. According to the author, “Scarves are much more than a winter accessory — they are a year-round necessity!”

In addition to the confusion over the meaning of necessity, here’s where it goes wrong: Summer is HOT. We don’t need extra fabric. Tie it, twirl it, knot it, flip it — it may look cute (even extremely fabulous), but it will definitely make me warmer than I need to be.

Now, some of the things Vogue says make a bit of sense:

  • Tie a scarf around your purse strap.
  • Tie your ponytail back.
  • Wear as a bathing suit cover.

Cool. Those I get. But scarf over a t-shirt or sundress? Odd. Simply odd.

But there’s another angle I hadn’t thought of.

“If you wear them over dresses in summer, they are a great replacement for heavy, statement necklaces, “ says online shopping expert Michelle Madhok, founder of SheFinds Media and author of Wear This Now. “They’re especially good on hot days when wearing a necklace can cause the skin to become irritated. Scarves, alternatively, are light and breezy, and often much cheaper than jewelry — you can grab them for under $25 at stores like Forever21 and Gap.”

Still not sure about summer scarves? Sadly, autumn is upon us, but on an up note, scarf season for confused folks like me is really kicking in.

“Scarves will be even bigger for fall,” says Madhok. “Designers like Burberry and ISSA sent oversized graphic scarves down the runway (they’re so large they are more like blankets than scarves!). When shopping, look for big, bold prints that are mod or ‘60s inspired. Style them like the models from the Burberry runway and tuck them in to your belt.”

(Need a little more help? Michelle and the SheFinds editors offer a handy buying guide for scarves.)

While I’m still not convinced summer scarves are for me (or will look good on me), I’m willing to admit they aren’t a totally dumb idea.

And that’s a wrap.

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    • Bobbo

      I so often mark your posts as “keep unread” & come back to comment, even though a bit late.this is CRAZY and would drive me nuts. Honestly, my parents aren’t even much value as a sounding board for professional type stuff (maybe for kids when they come), so I can not relate at all. And I haven’t really heard that either, but I’m not so surprised. Wo(elAdmitt.dwy, I would (did?) let my parents go to bat for me at school probably up through about high school, and they helped a bit with college admissions. Beyond that, it never even occurred to me to involve them!)

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  2. Mikel_St_Mikel

    TueNight JodyJ A lame fad way, way past its time.


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