Why Women’s Equality is Essential To This Father

On November 4, Americans all over the country will be voting in yet another important election. My fellow New Yorkers and I have a governor to re-elect or elect. Lots of big races across the country will be closely monitored on Tuesday. I know I will be staying up late that night to check out the latest results.

I do hope my daughter will be interested in politics. I think what might help is to develop an interest in some issues and platforms while she matures. One of those issues is certainly Women’s Equality.

I am a father of a daughter, a husband of a wife, and son of a mother. I sincerely believe it is my duty to support them and other women in the drive to create more equity in terms of work compensation. I know that I want what is best for my daughter. I want her to be validated and respected and not negatively labeled because she is female. I want her to feel safe and secure when she ventures to college. I must remain committed to doing what I can to ensure the highest quality of life for Camilla.

Recently, I had the chance to take my daughter to a rally featuring Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and Christine Quinn that supported the Women’s Equality Party. It was my daughter’s first political rally and one featuring Hillary Clinton seemed like a good one to attend.

So, I wanted to learn more about the Women’s Equality Party. I asked Rachael Ellison of Reworking Parents, who first introduced me to the Women’s Equality Party a few questions recently.

The Brown Gothamite: How can men be allies in this movement?

Rachael Ellison: The best way for men to be allies is to VOTE and talk about the fact that they are going to vote.

BG: What about the work/life balance which is also a focal point of the WEP?

RE: I think men speaking publicly as you do about your experiences balancing caregiving and work is key. This is a great article on the topic. I’m also writing one. Best points: Take paternity leave and tell people you are taking it, if you have a flex arrangement let your colleagues know that too, and mentor both women and men.

BG: Although my wife and I have discussed this with our daughter, any other advice on how to one might discuss women’s equality with a child?

RE: I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I have talked to my daughter about the concept of voting. We’ve also talked about how being a member of different groups introduces the ideas of similar common interests and needs. Basically social identity theory, what does it mean to think about something as a member of a family, a student in a class, as a person living in Brooklyn,  moms, dads, girls and boys. I talk about how I am working to help moms and dads spend time with their kids and do the work they love that supports their family.

Thanks to Rachael for her time!

(Photo: Christopher Persley’s daughter, Camilla)

So, this Tuesday, I will #VoteWEP for all the women who have made a difference in my life and continue to have an impact. And for my daughter, who is developing the tools to be a difference maker and a woman who could have a positive impact on those around her.

Learn more about WEP on Facebook and follow WEP on Twitter.

For further reading, here is an essay by Governor Cuomo on the WEP.

This post originally appeared on The Brown Gothamite.

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