Women Who Inspire: Jane Barratt

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NAME: Jane Barratt

AGE:  44

OCCUPATION: Founder, Vested Interest

WHO SHE IS: Jane Barratt is a seasoned advertising and digital marketing professional with more than 20 years of incredible experience. Working for some of the biggest brands in the globe, Jane has brought to life incredible and inspiring programs while leading large agencies and practices for Havas, Sapient, Young & Rubicam, and most recently, mcgarrybowen. While there, she served as the International Chief Operations Officer for a variety of cultures, categories and countries. Throughout her varied experiences, Jane recognized one  common thread among each of the companies she worked for — their strong commitment to customers and shareholders.

Jane was empowered by that realization, and saw a tremendous opportunity for loyal customers of these big brands to go a step further and buy shares in the companies they bought from most frequently. Her new company, Vested Interest, will help do exactly that when it launches this spring. Jane’s mission is extraordinary — to build a tool to inspire and educate customers with no financial experience on how to start making smart investments in the companies they love.

WHY SHE INSPIRES ME: In just one conversation, Jane helped me reframe my entire career approach. Having held some of the most influential and impactful positions in my industry (digital marketing and advertising), her insight and experiences in that sector are unparalleled. But it’s her ability to methodically pivot in to her own venture, away from those big companies, and focus in on something she believes in that’s truly admirable. Having pursued a similar path myself (I’m an agency gal now at a fintech startup focused on investments, no less), it wasn’t until I heard Jane’s story that I was able to stop and think for the first time, “What am I doing to determine my own financial success?” And for that realization, I am truly grateful.

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