Workout Style That Doesn’t Scream “Hey, I’m Working Out!”

We know. There are plenty of cool sports clothes, accessories and gear out there to make you look cute while working out (slimming yoga pants, sexy sports bras, killer running shoes, etc). Gone are the days when uncomfortable leotards and clingy tights were the only options to exercise in. So yes, we are quite blessed. But no matter how sporty-chic these items may be — and even if they’re made by the most high-end and hip of sportswear brands — they all still obviously say: “I’m on my way to exercise!”

The following five sportswear items, on the other hand, can be worn as regular pieces of clothing. No one will know that you’re on your way to a work out, and some of them are so cute, you might just want to add them to your regular wardrobe.

Biking in Style
Riding your bike in a skirt? No way. But yes, way—Iva Jean has made it possible with their Reveal Skirt, $160, which is anything but revealing. The straight, tailored skirt is designed with 12 inches of additional fabric at the bottom hem, which can be unzipped to add room and make pedaling easier. The stretchy fabric, high-cut waist and soft interior also add to its biker-friendly abilities. Check out for a slew of innovative women’s wear designed solely for cycling.


The “I’m Not Going for a Run” Running Shirt
You definitely won’t look like you’re prepping for a jog wearing Oiselle’s sweet, bird-patterned running shirt, $66. With its dainty scoop neck, trendy thumbholes and warm (but lightweight) nylon/ polyester blend fabric, it can double as a cool, casual staple — a great warm top to wear whether you’re running or not.


A Mini Skirt for Gym Rats
You could literally go right from brunch to the gym in Athleta’s “Suit Up Placid 2-in-1 Tight.” The running skirt is so cute and flirty — sure it’s a tad bit short, but so what? You know you’re fully covered, and it’s designed with “Featherweight Stretch,” which means the skirt won’t bunch up — or give away the fact that it’s actually workout garb.


The Cute Swim Suit That’s Suitable For Serious Laps
When you’re wearing a bathing suit, it’s pretty obvious you’re planning to hit the water. But not all workout-worthy swimsuits have to be boring black one-pieces. carries a ton of cute swimwear, and none of them give away the fact that you’ve got a swim cap and a pair of goggles stashed in your bag. Like this Impossible Tankini by Carve Designs, $62 (with plenty of options for bottoms), which provides top-notch swimmer support along with super-cute style.


The Easy, Breezy, Anything Tank
This Lolë yoga tank, $64, would look just as good with a pair of jeans as it would on the mat in class. It’s made from a blend of organic cotton, Tencel and elastane, which makes the fabric soft, flowy and fun. The print is pretty and it comes in three colors (though we like the white the best).

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