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38 Women Over 38 Who Inspire Us

We’ve got your “30 Under 30” right here.

No, actually, we don’t.

With all of the “30 under 30,” “20 under 20” lists, we thought we’d do something a little different and honor some women on the flip side. In this special two-week issue, we’re high-fiving women who happen to be above the age of 38 and are doing amazing things with their lives (note: we still love you too 20-somethings).

To that end, we asked our 25+ TueNight contributors and colleagues to select 38 women they are inspired by and tell us why — which makes this list a little different from most of the “Top 100 lists” that are out there. It’s wholly subjective, based completely on the person who nominated the listee. This piece came to life through the combined efforts of more than 25 authors  — all of whom are different, just like the women that make up this list.

Our nominees are famous and not famous. They are trailblazers, laughmakers, rulebreakers, mentors and heroes. Someone our contributors simply admire. Someone that makes them proud to be a woman.

Why 38? Our unscientific observations have determined that’s the age when life throws you the question, “What’s next?” You’ve had a good bit of life experience packed into your toolkit: Do you mix things up? Do you start anew? Do you stay the course?

It’s a big, imperfect, beautiful, messy list and we like it that way. (Two astronauts! No sports figures! Oops.) In fact “a little messy” is on our TueNight brand guide, natch.

These women prove that your second act could be your best one yet.

38 Women Over 38 Who Inspire Us

Click for our picks:

It will be International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 8 and we say, hell, let’s make it International Women’s Week — celebrate longevity, and the accomplishments of women of all ages.

Who inspires YOU?



p.s. A few big shout-outs to the core TueNight Crew that helped put this massive issue together. Susan, Kat and Adrianna, you inspire ME. And our special guest editors Jody and Kate (rock. stars.). And of course all of our fabulous, contributors — we couldn’t do this without you.



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