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5 Gifts For Kids That They Don’t Already Have

Gift giving for children gets harder and harder as kids get more and more sophisticated. Outwit the little ones this year with presents they could never find on a TV screen or through an app. Warning: You may have to reach into your own past…

1. “Vintage” Star Wars belt buckle

You DID watch the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, right? Episode VII of the series? No…? That’s OK, I’ll wait while you check it out. From now until December 2015, you’ll need to know enough about the movie to talk to any kid over the age of 8. Impress them (and their folks) with an eBay original that might just remind you of your own days of yore.


Star Wars Belt Buckle TueNight

Star Wars Belt Buckle (Photo: Courtesy

2. The Drawing Robot

Speaking of R2D2, check out this super cute robot. Your DIY-loving kid can put it together using cardboard, tape, a little wiring and a battery. Add pens and turn it on, and this is a mini marvel. Include another robot and tape on a couple of side pens for jousting, and you’ve got the duel of the century for a couple of competitive siblings. Not that I would know anything about that.


Drawing Robot TueNight

The Drawing Robot (Photo: Courtesy

3. Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

I spent my childhood miming an invisible jet, because I couldn’t actually find one to play with — and here it finally is. Ditch the princess gear for your one-to-six-year-old girl and give her the gift of superhero travel instead. The neighborhood boys will be busting down her door asking her to share. She may not want to.


Wonder Woman Invisible Jet TueNight

Fisher-Price Little People Wonder Woman Invisible Jet (Photo: Courtesy

4. Baggu Bags

These bags are super cute, come in multiple patterns (elephants, smiley faces, stripes and more) and are big enough to hold a good handful of pens and pencils. And at this price, you can even afford to pre-fill them. Perfect for waiting for dinner to arrive at the pizza place on the corner.


Cat design Baggu

Small 3D Zip Bag (Photo: Courtesy

5. Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and Illustrated by Jon Klassen

This story, so beautifully illustrated and told, gets me every time I read it to my kids. It’s a true modern classic. A girl finds a box with yarn in it and starts knitting sweaters for her neighbors — only to discover that the yarn is endless and can cover the town, the country and the world. What happens when it’s stolen by a nefarious pirate?


Extra Yarn Mac Barnett Jon Klassen TueNight

(Photo: Courtesy

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