5 Gifts for Kids That They Don’t Already Have

It’s always difficult to pick out presents for kids (especially other people’s) when you’re trying to avoid buying all that overpriced plastic, branded crap. Especially during the holidays. I’ve stealthily built up my own repertoire of unique, original presents never to be found at Target.

1. Lambswool Duster/Magic Wand

The first time I saw one of these, it was sitting on an artist’s table and I didn’t even recognize it as a cleaning tool. My first instinct was to pick it up and start “poof”ing everything around me, which I did. Replace the black twine handle with a sparkly ribbon, and that little one will, too.

$5-$12, westelm.com

2. Treasure Hunt

This pirate kit helps kids create their own treasure hunt with an X to mark the spot, a bag for gold booty and a sweet little chalkboard set for making maps. Plus, everything this husband-and-wife team makes is all-natural.

$36, sevenacretoys.com

3. Chinese Slippers

(Or as they say in China, “slippers.”) I’m lucky enough to live in New York, where I can pop into a multitude of small import/export shops, but the internet has made shopping for beautifully embroidered, whimsical and sparkly kids’ slippers and shoes just that much easier.

$4-14, pearlrivermart.com

4. Goldie Blox

I bet your niece already has a Goldie Blox set wrapped up under her tree. This year’s “it” toy for young girls is selling out to parents who want to teach their girls that engineering is fun. But you know who else could really benefit? Your nephew. Give him an engineering problem he’ll love to solve that also just happens to have a girl on the box. Boys like pink too, you know.

$10-30, goldieblox.com

5. Original Prints of Favorite Books

The children in your life probably have some favorite picture books – do they know how those books are made? Original book artwork can be such an inspiration for budding artists and storytellers. Our family loves our friend Oliver Jeffers’ work, but check various galleries for your own favorites.

$145, oliverjeffersshop.com


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